About Us

Willing and Able in attitude and experience

CHCP was started by two nurses with expertise and experience working in NHS post graduate hospitals in London as ward sisters and in management;

Managing Nursing homes where customers said it was worth leaving their home for and families and grand children booked a table in the nursing home restaurant because the food was first class and the family sat round the table together to enjoy their Sunday Roast.

We found that at the time Home Help did not provide the kind of help people wanted or needed. As nurses we believed that carers should be well trained, caring and competent to meet individual needs. We decided to make a difference to the way care was provided at home. As qualified trainers we knew we could train our care staff and provide a care service that made a massive difference to the quality of peoples' lives.

As our reputation grew so did CHCP. We were passionate and committed to changing the way Care at Home is provided. CHCP aimed to provide excellent and safe Care at Home services to give customers and their family the assurance that remaining at home is a positive choice.

Your Trust and Loyalty is Our Reputation

Trained to Gain skills for Care

Our nursing skills transformed the way care services were provided to our customers. Our care staff were trained by nurses who understood how to care for people with respect, dignity, care and concern; How to manage medication safety; Provide quality and safety in care practice; Encourage good nutrition, exercise and fitness, health and wellbeing, rest and sleep, encourage hobbies and interests, maintain regular contact with family and friends they value; support access for services they need; assist life long learning and chosen life style; Promote independent living and support access to ability aids;

Your Expectations and Needs Help Us to Help You

CHCP supports the customers' choice to receive Care at Home and will encourage customer confidence and ability by working with a personalised care plan written with and agreed by the customer and family.

Legally Cleared and Professionally Approved

Prior to employment with CHCP, staff are screened and verified by the Home Office UK to ensure they meet UK employment law requirements, references and employment history checks are completed and verified; Enhanced Criminal Record Checks and POVA and POCA(Protection of vulnerable Adults and Children) checks are made; Records of Educational and Professional training certificates are kept on record and updated to maintain competence.

Quality and Safety is Your Concern and Ours - Because You Deserve It

We make sure that the quality and Safety standards of CHCP care services will always be monitored by providing and updating staff training; Visiting our customers to monitor care services; Asking our customers and family to tell us about our care service; Having a compliments and complaints procedure available to our customers to tell us not only how well we our doing but positively encouraging our customers and their family to discuss and report concerns to help CHCP to improve care services;

Respect and Human Rights

CHCP offers confidentiality and data protection to customers; Safeguarding and protecting them is putting customers safety and security first.

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