Our Promise

A Smart carer is Great, A Caring Heart is Priceless

CHCP chose quality before quantity and decided to grow nationally was not for them. Over the years, It became all too obvious to CHCP, that the Care Industry was growing too fast too quickly and rapidly losing control of quality and safety in the race to become the "UKs largest" Care Providers. CHCP was awarded the "highest 3 Star" rating by the Commission for Social Care Inspection for our excellence in service quality and for "Putting People First". CHCP staff are "guests in your home" and will always ask your permission before they carry out any task; They will respect your life style, privacy, dignity and rights to maintain your independence when carrying out personal care and other tasks you request;

We work to deserve your trust and loyalty

CHCP Community "Care at Home Services" are managed by nurses who took up Health and Social care Services to make: A positive difference to the lives of people who choose to have "Care at Home services. To work together with CHCP staff to promote a positive image of " Growing Older" and their contribution to our communities; To help us face a future knowing the good work we do today will ensure "Excellent and Safe Care services" for our own older age care in the future.

Putting People First

At your invitation a CHCP manager will visit you and your family to discuss your needs and wishes, write a care plan with your needs and wishes written exactly the way you make your requests. CHCP is required by the Care Quality Commission in England and Wales to ensure CHCP has carried out a Care, Health and Safety, Moving and Handling and Risk assessment prior to providing care services at home to make sure CHCP care staff can provide a safe and excellent quality care service in your home. We will also review your care with your permission from time to time to make sure we are continuing to meet your care needs as your needs can change from time to time. CHCP staff will also let you and your family know if they notice any changes or have any concerns about your health and well being and assist you to access help from professionals should you need our assistance.

Have Your Say and Help us to improve

In order to improve our services to you, we will ask you and your family how you feel about the care services you receive from us. We will appreciate your honest opinion positively and maintain your confidentiality at all times. Your concerns help us to improve our care services so do not worry about telling us how we could do better. CHCP will investigate all concerns and safeguard and protect you from bad care practitioners in the way we employ our staff, monitor the services they provide, in the way we train CHCP staff to ensure they work to a high standard.

Your Best interest is at the heart of our service provision

In the event you have a concern, these can happen in all areas of life, CHCP managers will investigate your complaints promptly and take action speedily to "put things right" and treat all concerns seriously. CHCP treats bad practice with "zero tolerance". CHCP aims to provide excellent and safe "Care at Home" services to give customers and their family the assurance that remaining at home is a "positive choice".

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