All the below are the testimonials we have received from our clients. Due to Data Protection we are not able to release our carers and clients name.

Has been found to be honest and trustworthy. In spite of the fact that she carries out her duties by walking, she continues to be punctual. She has the right attitude to be a health care worker and builds up good rapports. Her level of communication is fairly good and she treats one with dignity and respect. She never makes one feel that they are a burden or that she is in a hurry to get to the next client.
- 16. 7. 2010 - Mrs. A.H.

During the past 18 months, she has provided first class care for my mother. She is polite and extremely conscientious. She remembers her training and applies it rigorously. Above all, her communication and social interaction with my mother is superb and very worthwhile. I suspect there is a slight lack of confidence, but this will improve through her college work and via positive feedback & training from CHCP.
- 22.7.2010 - Dr. N.

I have known the carer for about 5 years and she has been my main carer. She is kind and considerate and has a way about her that makes you feel at ease. She is good at her job and when she gives me a shower & washes my hair she is very gentle. Her personality is lovely she is chatty and bubbly and is always ready to hear what you have to say. I think she is one of the best carers I have had and I am lucky to have her.
- 14.4.2010 - Ms. J.D.

You are already aware of the extremely high esteem. In which I hold, my carer and shopper. However I feel I might add to this. That during the worst winter we have endured in the last 20 year, where the parameters were left unattended. Making them lethal for well over four weeks. These two carers from CHCP still arrived on time with their cheerful selves. Never once they complained. They are just truly professional, dedicated with good mannerism. For me they are a great asset to CHCP. You won't find better anywhere in Britain. Keep up the good service you provide.
- 08. 06. 2010 - Mrs. K.L.

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